Un blog in Franglais?

I’m québécois, but I’m also Canadian.

And, oh yeah, I’m also half italian. My half is between my knees and my torso. Hehe.

So, the concern of having a french blog-only is coming back to me. It has been a choice before. I love Québec, and I’m a francophile.

But I’m also part of the world, and english is the universal (yeah, as if it speaks english on the Sombrero galaxy) language. And I work now 90% of my time in english.

One of my goal is to increase my web presence. And not only that, but my presence everywhere. I want to be a super human. Nah, just kidding.

I’m now not too badly present in Québec, as I’m connected to the most successful and creative ones of the province. Some I even consider close to friends

That’s where the web is going. Connecting people more and more. From all over the place.

Before, we were relating to our neighborhood, the physical one, the real one, because those people were close to us.

Now, with the internet, we need to grab the opportunity to connect with everybody. The whole world. The whole freaking world.

I don’t know for now how I will implement that on this deanthemean.com blog, but I will do something. Maybe some posts here and there in english, I will see in the mean time.

I’m totally letting myself loose now with the internet, more and more revealing who am I. I’m embracing the internet for now on. Something I also recommend for everybody. Be yourself, in real life and online. It’s another way to be more that you can be. To experience life in another dimension.

The virtual and the physical world is closing down to be the same world. Actually, it is the same world, Earth. There is a human on the other side of the screen. We are not just completely sure if it’s a 30 years old playmate or a 10 year old red hair boy playing on his computer screen.

So, for anybody (I mean everyone!) reading this and are interested on his author, Dean, they can add it to their facebook « friends » here (though leave me a message, I can’t accept strangers, even if you’re georgous and beautiful, I’m not that easy).

Or if his thoughts (crazy or not) are relevant to what you like to hear on a daily basis, you can follow him on Twitter here.

Meanwhile, I’m concentrating and back so focused on my project in Vancouver. So much that I got a headache right the first morning. Nice.


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  1. pops on

    super ton anglais
    tu t’exprime aussi bien en anglais qu’en francais….
    mais cela vien des efforts de ta mère surtout……

    pour vous envoyer a l’école anglais et francais…..
    a une école protestante que c’était…..
    alors mon chèr si tu veux te marier un jour…….
    tu devras faire ta premiere communion hihihihi!!!
    mais je crois que l’anglais était le plus important pour nous comme décision…..et pour ton avenir a toi…et ton frère

    • Dean on

      Je ne serais pas là à faire cela si ce n’était de cette très bonne décision tôt dnas ma vie.
      Autant, j’ai appris l’anglais, mais je me suis aussi ouvert sur la multiculturalité du monde. Merci à vous deux.

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  3. Franfran on

    Great question! Actually, I was pondering lately whether I should start to post in French, too but since some of my readers wouldn’t understand it. Or in German. If the issues about which I feel like blogging are only relevant for German speaking readers, does that give me the right to « cut out » other readers? Hmmm… I guess that’s what Google translate is for, but I’m still unsure.

    Franfrans last blog post..Blast from the Past

    • Dean on

      It’s a good question, itlian, german, english, french, mandarin? Why not?

      It depends. If you feel like posting in German, and not in english, you’re not loosing anglo readers, ’cause you wouldn’t post anyway.

      I think you bring more, german, anglo, franco, everybody!

      Try it out! We’ll see!

      But yeah, give the readers an easy way to find out how to translate your content! It could be really funny!

      (J’étais sûr que ce post allait te chercher, hehe. Et je pensais que tu allais aussi corriger mes fautes, haha.)

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