Just do it, and don't care how it works.

I was caught up in this discussion today, and I realized something.

I’m using so many stuff during the day that I don’t know at all how it works. And I don’t care. I just use them.

The easiest to think of, electricity. Even scientist don’t really know how electricity really works.

I just flick my index finger on the switch on the wall, and there is light. I don’t know how this whole system to bring light to my condo was set up. And I just don’t care.

I’ve been driving a car for more than 10 years, and still don’t know how it works. Ok, there is the gas pedal, the clutch, the gears, but I don’t care how the motor transmits energy in the end to the wheels, I just use it to go wherever I want.

Even blogging right now. I don’t have a glimpse as how my adorable MacBook Pro works, but I know how beautiful is it, and I use it to my needs everyday. Even the WordPress program I’m using right now to type those words. I know how to use it, but not at all how it was made and magically coded behind.

And I just don’ t freaking care. I just use it to make my day more enjoyable.

Why would it be different to be a human?

Why would we need to know how a human works? Why would we care?

To understand ourselves better, and be a better human?

What if we are missing it by asking ourselves those questions in the first place?

What if we were made only « to do »? Just to do it?

Our body is our engine, our transportation mode.

Our mind has been made to dream of whatever we want to do.

And that’s it. Do you need more? Do we need more, but to experience human nature?

This is the human experience. This is it.

Just to dream, and make our dreams come true. No excuses.

Just do it, and don’t care how it works.


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  1. PF on

    Nice. Before I read your post, I was thinking to go back to « The secret ». I need to visualize positive things instead of negative outcomes inspired by my fears.

    • Dean on

      Indeed you should reread it again. It’s a good book to keep you focus on positive thinking. Good. :-))

  2. Claudine on

    I totally agree… You have no idea…

    Claudines last blog post..Off-Season starts NOW!

    • Dean on

      I’m sure you are! I’m starting to know you. ;-))

  3. Gen on

    Actually, our real purpose here is only for reproduction. We are meant to have babies, stronger babies and better babies and… That’s it. Look at all the other creatures around us. Plants, animals… But us, humans, we have what the others don’t have: self-consciousness and our intelligence is at another level, so we ask ourselves many questions all the time about why, how, can, where, what.

    These questions are great to help us through evolution. If nobody asked these questions, you wouldn’t drive your car, you wouldn’t blog and you wouldn’t light your condo.

    Now, it’s not because some do care that you have to care in return 😉

    • Dean on

      Nice, exactly. Some will take care of that, maybe you for something, me for something else. There is one, or maybe a few things we are really good at, and it’s then a good thing to digg deeper into it.

      But, as a human, we just need to be human. And self awareness is maybe part of it.

  4. Dean on

    Haha! It’s funny to see everybody answering in english, nice!

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